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With Over 28 Years of Proven Experience, We Stand Behind Your Business With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When You Want…

Guaranteed Results

Service is our priority. With that we guarantee all of our clients will achieved the desired result. We have a 100% success rate to date and we don’t intend to change that any time soon.

Measured Success

Every service we offer is fully measurable. Being able to measure results means you get concrete proof of the success of your campaign. From out Guaranteed Best Seller Program to our full media exposure campaign, everything is tracked and fully documented.

Proven Systems

The way we can guarantee our results with 100% certainty is because we use a fully time tested proven system. We believe in utilizing a strict process to be able to continuously replicate success for each and every one of our very satisfied clients.


Specialized Branding

Every organization has a value proposition that defines why people should do business with that organization. You may never have clearly defined yours, but it exists nonetheless. The more you can show your specialty the more apt not only to get customers, but also to command a premium price.

Best-Selling Author

When you think about a best-selling author, what do you think? Most people immediately associate the title “expert.” By not only publishing in a book in your industry, but having it be a best-selling one, that will elevate your positioning in your market instantly.

PR Media Mentions

When you specialize and produce content such as a best-selling book that is media worthy. By leveraging the power of publicity you can be seen on many popular affiliates like NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, Forbes and many others. This helps to further establish more authority for you.

Social Media Presence

In this modern day and age you need to be present where you potential customers are. Having the right social media presence is key to expanding your market share. Not only have the presence, but having the right presence to drive new business.

Online Traffic

When it comes to traffic, our area of specialization is Facebook ads and retargeting. We can get results for all clients that are a good fit on these platforms.

Conversion and Optimization

Our area of specialization is building marketing funnels that generate leads . We handle all aspects of the funnel build: copywriting, graphic design, web development and advanced technical implementation.

Consulting and On-Site Education

If you need direct help with your online sales system or lack there of, we can setup a personalized consulting package to help you get the right pieces in place to maximize your ROI. Most companies do not have the right systems in place to take advantage of all the full profit potential there is available to them.


PUBLISH TO PROFIT - #1 Best Seller in Marketing

A Proven 4-Step System For Attracting New Higher Paying Customers

The primary objective of this book is to give you the strategy behind using a book in your business. This is more of the why than the exact how-to process. If you are looking to make prospects come to you, differentiate yourself from the competition, increase your rates and your profits, then this is the book for you.

Tap Into The Power of Expert Branding and Positioning To:

  • Make Prospects Come To You
  • Separate Yourself From The Competition
  • Position Yourself As the Trusted Adviser
  • Increase Your Rates and Profits
  • Get In Front of Your Ideal Prospects

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it's not monday's fault - #1 Best Seller in Marketing

Discover How to Break-Free From the 9-5 and Create Your Own Personal Freedom

Are you sick of the daily grind? If you are sick of the 9-5 or the 8-2 or the 7-7, then I am about to make your day. I personally fought through all the crap online and found a proven system that allowed me to have my personal freedom. I have decided to reveal that system for you here today. 

Discover how to:

  • Use the proven 3 step mindset transformation system to launch your new business (anyone can do it)
  • Use the keys to market selection and the big four markets (you are almost guaranteed success with one of these)
  • Create your own product with the hybrid method (use this and you can’t lose)
  • Drive free and paid traffic to your new product to generate sales (this is where it gets fun) 

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Ron Douglas - NY Times Best Selling Author

I’ve worked with Keith on several successful promotions, and I’ve learned a lot from him. I can tell you first hand that he is a brilliant marketer who loves helping people and takes pride in providing real value to his students. But, the one thing that was refreshing about working with Keith was his integrity. He always delivered exactly what he promised with no surprises. That combination of experience and credibility gets Keith my highest recommendation as someone you should definitely listen to.

Samantha Walker - #1 Best Selling Author and Top Producing Agent Northern Alabama

I have been working with Keith for a while now and I must say I’m very impressed with what him and his team have to offer. Keith has provided me outstanding service, including consistent top notch communication as well as timely delivery and very impressive material. I will continue doing Business with Keith in the future.

Michael Brue - #1 Best Selling Author and Top Producing Principle At Luxe Lifestyles @ Compass Realty

Along my book writing journey, Keith Dougherty has proven to be an invaluable asset. He is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. I was beyond impressed with his knowledge of the publishing world, he guided me through with ease to become a #1 best selling author, and he helped me to understand the process as it happened. Without any hesitation, I confidently recommend Keith Dougherty to be anyone’s next publicist. As a dedicated and knowledgeable publicist and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to any book writing journey.

Tony Girodano - Luxury REALTOR®, #1 Best Selling Author, National Public Speaker, and Guest on Bravo TVs 'Million Dollar Listing'

I have to say, at first I was a little skeptical when I heard what people told me Keith could do. But, based on their experience, I went for it. I could not have asked for a better business partnership, than with Keith. With his guidance and expertise and using his proven marketing system, he helped me achieve nine #1 best seller rankings and to become a National and International best selling author. Hiring Keith has led to great success with my books and business.

Steve Rider - Renowned Real Estate Trainer, Coach, and #1 Best Selling Author

Working with Keith was a pleasure. He the level of detail and service he provided was beyond my expectations. His company worked directly with my team to get my book published and to market. Because of his proven marketing plan we were able to hit #1 best seller and we beat out Gary Vaynerchuk while doing it.

Cesar Trujillo - #1 Keller Williams REALTOR® Port St Lucie, Florida

I have known Keith Dougherty as a neighbor and colleague for several years and he is a great person to work with. Keith built a lead generation platform for my real estate business and it generated a ton of leads on a daily basis. He thinks outside the box and knows the marketing business inside out. He is reliable and does what he promises. I would definitely recommend Keith to anyone looking to hire a marketing specialist for their business.

Wes Womack - Broker/Owner Womack Real Estate Austin, Texas

I had the opportunity to work with Keith and let me just say that “Keith is a jack of all trades…and master at ALL OF THEM”. He has a massive social reach and was able to help me with my own personal branding and business. He’s passionate about what he does, but more importantly, passionate about what others do and watching/helping them succeed. I’d highly recommend working with Keith if you get the opportunity.

Shayla Twit - Top Producing Luxury Agent Sarasota and Barrier Island Florida

Keith’s online presence and overall professionalism were a great draw for me to do business with him. He made the interview process as easy as it possibly could, seamless conversationalist and overall just very personable. He’s a class act and I’ve enjoyed working with him.

Dr. John Silva - Premier Functional Medicine, #1 Best Selling Author

Keith made the process very easy and streamlined. I was amazed at how well the book came out with only doing an interview. The book has helped me increase my practice by getting more patients. There is a certain trust factor that is associated with not only being a published author, but a #1 best selling author on top of it.

Mari Takeshita - Top Real Estate Broker Associate - Denver, Colorado

It is my honor and pleasure to recommend Keith with my highest regard. In the process of doing business with him on four separate projects he has shown me that when Keith commits to something he gives it all he has. I was impressed with his imagination, creativity and his persistence to succeed. He always analyzed and came up with new options to keep moving forward, even if we had a setback. The reasons I enjoy working with Keith and still reach out to him is because of his determination to succeed, knowing he has ethics and morals and that shows me that I can trust and believe he will deliver on a project.


Barry Burnett - CEO/Broker Barry Burnett Realty Burbank, California

“I had the pleasure of an interview with Keith Dougherty on his radio show, a well-accepted and known real estate author and promoter of excellence within the industry. I found Keith’s style and character qualities to be among the highest levels nationally and have enjoyed remaining in very friendly contact with Mr. Dougherty. I read his work with enthusiasm and anticipation and will continue to do so.” 

Melissa Krivachek - Executive Producer of The Ultimate Sale Summit, #1 Best Selling Author

“I had heard of Keith in my industry but I had never worked with him. He was able to quickly take my book to the top of the best seller charts and make me a #1 best selling author. I have leveraged my book to increase my market awareness and continue to build my brand and sales.”

Roy Blume & Irene Truong - Top Real Estate Agents in California

“Keith Dougherty delivers what he promises. My partner Irene and I met Keith a few years ago via a radio show that he hosts highlighting business professionals. He was easy to work with and guided us through the interview process. His questions were tailored toward our practice and not boiler plate. We circulated this interview to our friends, family, clients along with potential clients. Our interview added a new media dimension to our business. Keith included our broadcast interviews in one of his books which was a great marketing tool for The Blume-Truong Real Estate Team. We gave this book to our clients and future clients which validated what we do and added credibility to our services.

 Irene and I feel that Keith has a solid grasp on marketing a business. We like the way he delivered on his promises. We recommend Keith for any of your marketing needs.”


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